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 3) Slippery bathtub treatment: #101anti-slip coating, product, solution for slippery bathtub.

No more slippery bathtubs, slippery floors tile, marble, slippery vinyl flooring or linoleum, concrete, and slippery swimming pool decks, preventing slippery floors and other slippery surfaces with Anti-Slip Sealer Anti Slip Coating-The Value of Safety

 We specialize in the production of Anti-Slip Non-Slip, products for dangerous slippery tile floors, slippery bathtubs, in wet conditions. Our Products make wet slippery Ceramic Tile & Marble floors, bathtubs safe and slip-resistant. Anti Slip Protection Company currently offers two products for slip resistant. Both our Anti-Slip Products have been laboratory-developed and formulated for your safety. Anti-Slip Sealer Coating solution for slippery floors all over the world.

For slippery fiberglass bathtub, marble, granite, glossy white porcelain, white ceramic tile, vinyl, linoleum, glossy tile, please uses the Product # 101 Anti-Slip Coating SEALER solution, treatment for slippery floors and slippery bathtubs. All slippery surfaces before using this non slip product # 1 coating, must are clean and completely dry.

      Anti-Slip Bathtub Coating-Sealer Product #101


Fiberglass bathtub

For all slippery ceramic tile floors, glazed bathtub and concrete should be used the Product # 102 non-slip ETCHING solution for slippery tile floor. This anti slip products, non slip products reduces potential liability risk by increasing slip-resistant on wet slippery floors and slippery glazed bathtubs, can be used basically everywhere-commercial, residential, industrial.   

Anti-Slip Bathtub Treatment-Etching Product #102

glazet bathtub

Glazed bathtubs

 Slippery on bathrooms floors and bathtubs is the most common reason for bathroom related accidents and are the number one cause of accidents in the home and hotels. These falls are a multi-million dollar problem for the hospital and health care industries. Anti Slip Protection Company has developed anti slip products so you can treat your own bathtub, slippery floor and increasing slip-resistance and it takes a few minutes.  You will feel safe every time you step in or out of your tub knowing the anti slip treatment are there.
Slipping in porcelain bathtubs and fiberglass bathtubs can be prevented. We   offer non-slip solution for your slippery problem. Anti-Slip Protection Coating Anti Slip Floor Coating slip-resistant. This is a non-abrasive sealer that creates a transparent structure on the top of the surface to make better traction increases slip resistance from 50%, up to 80% and more. Anti Slip Coating is designed and formulated for human safety, and costs less than any slip/fall accident. Anti Slip Coating after applying reaches slip-resistant more than, 0.60 Static Coefficient Of Friction (SCOF) in wet condition.

Safety floor, stairs, bathtub, swimming pool deck, equals to yours and others safety. In fact, almost everyone knows that wet ceramic tiles, marble, bath, linoleum or vinyl floor are dangerous, but not everyone knows that this process can be prevented. Choosing Anti-Slip Protection Company, Anti-Slip Coating  reduces the risk of slip/fall accidents. Preventing slippery floors cost less than any slip/fall accident. This is the truth and fact. Just in case an accident happens, and your floor is slip resistant and has a Static Coefficient of Fraction is over 0.60, then you won’t be responsible for any slip/fall accidents. According to existing law, your floor is safe.



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